A Physician’s Solution To Messy PRP Facials

A Physician’s Solution To Messy PRP Facials

“After years of using stem cell therapy with her laser resurfacing and microneedling patients, Southlake, TX, and Monroe, LA dermatologist Janine Hopkins, MD found that the traditional technique used to distribute the product on patients’ skin was lacking.”

It is well known that with PRP facials, blood borne particles are placed onto the patients’ face as a means of stem cell therapy. 

However, before the CuraCator™ there was no good way to place these expensive stem cells on to the patient. The common methods were to drip PRP through a needle, drip PRP through an open-end syringe, or rub the PRP on with a gloved hand. 

As Dr. Hopkins told NewBeauty Magazine, “while lying on the table having these treatments done, many patients experience a sense of uneasiness that the product will drip in the wrong areas” and oftentimes it does. 

So, Dr. Hopkins set out on her years-long mission to create the perfect solution to the negative PRP facial experience for both the practitioners and the patients. 

In 2021, Dr. Hopkins launched the CuraCator™, a non-sharp medical grade device that attaches to the end of a syringe to control the application of the PRP and topical other serums. The device contains micropores that allow for a smooth and even application of various products through the disc shaped device. 

The CuraCator™ accurately dispenses and disperses products, reducing the waste of expensive products. Practitioners can benefit from this by using the remainder of the product for additional cosmetic treatments, such as PRP injections in the scalp. Patients can feel good about this as they will receive a more efficient and effective use of their platelet rich plasma stem cells.

Thank you NewBeauty for the wonderful interview!

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