How To Use the CuraCator™ sterile medical device

For a visual demonstration, please watch our 45 second video. Closed captions are provided if you need them.

Before opening the pouch, determine if the product you wish to expel needs to be filled into the syringe or you need to aspirate through the CuraCator™.

Open the pouch without touching the CuraCator™ to keep device sterile.

This is a Class 1 medical device accessory.

You may hold the underside of the package to stabilize the CuraCator™ while locking to the syringe.

Attach to a Luer Lock syringe, like any needle or microcannula would be.

Apply gentle pressure to the syringe plunger to expelled the product through the CuraCator™ micropores.

This allows for easy flow of product without alteration of the product integrity.

The micropores are able to expel various viscosities including liquids, gels, creams, or ointments.

The smooth applicator disk is then used to gently spread product express from the micropores onto tissue with light pressure.

Once application is complete, the single use applicator is discarded like any other medical waste.

Now you know how to use the CuraCator™ and how the CuraCator™ works.