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Video review from Dr. Joe Niamtu


The missing link in cosmetic treatments

Before the CuraCator™

We’ve all been there. For nearly a decade it's been our only way. 

Dripping expensive products such as platelet-rich plasma and exosomes onto the patient’s skin from an open-end syringe, or worse, from a needle.

And if that isn't enough we have also taken to wiping the product on the patient’s skin with our gloved hands. How do we know this has not contaminated or adulterated the product?

Enough is enough.

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  • Dangerous

    Without the CuraCator™ practitioners are at a huge risk for accidental needle sticks and, thus, exposure to infectious diseases. Consider the last time you worked with blood borne particles, like with the common Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or microneedling treatments.

  • CuraCator™ Safe

    As a common use case, the CuraCator™ is the perfect solution for any dermatologist looking to improve the safety and efficiency of their PRP treatments. Using the CuraCator™ completely eliminates the risk of needle sticks and increases practitioner's safety.

  • Wasteful

    Before the CuraCator™ applying topicals during a treatment meant product would be wasted. The lack of controlled application meant the product could accidentially come in contact with unintended treatment areas. This wastes the patient’s money and the practitioner’s time.

  • CuraCator™ Accurate

    Our FDA approved, patented design allows for precise and controlled application of topicals exactly where they're needed. This prooven design means every drop of product is either used or contained and topicals are able to be confinded to the alloted treatment area.


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