Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Joe Niamtu uses the CuraCator™

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Joe Niamtu uses the CuraCator™

In 2021 while launching the CuraCator™, found and inventor, Dr. Janine Hopkins, met Dr. Joe Niamtu, who became an instant fan of the CuraCator™ and one of the first supporters.

Dr. Niamtu went on to make this incredible product demonstration video of the CuraCator™ being used on three different cosmetic surgery patients. This blog serves as a transcript of the video for site visitors who cannot listen the video or prefer to read. We would still like to encourage you to watch the video, as his demonstration is irreplaceable!


Hi, I'm Dr. Joe Niamtu, And today we're gonna do a little product review. And it's kind of interesting, I was at a meeting cosmetic surgery meeting, the SCALE meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. And I was walking through the exhibits and I saw an exhibit for the CuraCator. And it's a, a new type of applicator, which I'm gonna tell you about in depth.

And I met a very beautiful doctor, very smart, very intuitive. And she decided that she needed to invent a type of applicator to apply things to the skin as dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons or other types of practitioners frequently do. So application science is a real thing and we don't really think about it, but you know, you have spray cans, you have aerosols, you have roll on deodorant.

So it's a big challenge how to get a product onto a person, right? This is just a simple little system. It's comes sterile and it's disposable, and you put it on the end of a luer lock syringe, and it allows you, it's like a miniature shower head, except the, the point is not to shower, it's to have an even application of what you're putting on there.

So, anyhow. After stopping by her booth, I was impressed with her as a person and a doctor and her staff and her product. And good job Dr. Hopkins. And I hope you enjoy the video. I'm Dr. Joe Niamtu,

Use case 1:

So this is the precision applicator, the CuraCator. And it's a needle-free, hands-free, in other words, you're not touching anything. And you know, usually you're gooping this stuff off on with your fingers. But I'm putting on Stratamed right now. And it's just a precise way to apply and you can use this with any type of liquid. We've done a facelift on this patient, we did laser at the beginning of the case. And so I'm just doing some precision application.

Use case 2:

One of the problems of applying PRP is that it can be messy. If you're squirting it on it drips. Otherwise if you're applying it with your finger, it's really not an homogenous application. So we're gonna show you PRP in the CuraCator and how that alleviates that problem and how it enables a smooth, homogenous spread.

We're using the CuraCator to apply our platelet rich plasma and, you know, it's almost like a roll on deodorant ball. I mean, it's very, very controlled and you hardly need any pressure. So it's extremely controlled and extremely accurate placement without experiencing any significant dripping. And it's smooth, so it's not going to injure the skin at all.

And what I am finding here is a little bit goes a long way when you use this device because you're not rolling it around and losing any.

Use case 3:

We're using the CuraCator and we're gonna apply some TCA chemical peel. This happens to be 20%. And I just do a little tap on the syringe because you don't want it to drip. And you can see it when it fills the bottom there.

So we're using this for that application. And again, if you just do a little tap on the syringe and watch the bottom, you can see when the liquid is filling and we're just using it for that application. You gotta push very gently or otherwise, it's gonna drip and defeat the whole purpose of using a precision applicator.

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